• GenreComedy
    ChannelRai 1


    Luca was the “L’Artista”, a gentleman thief who had never dirtied his hands and had never been caught. He has changed life and now works in a bar in the Italian port city of Civitavecchia, however he is ‘found out’ through a ploy by Cristina Benvenuti, an agent of Interpol . She proposes that in exchange for his freedom he organise and carry out one last robbery: so after having brought his old band back together, Luca should penetrate the incredibly secret caveau of the Banca di Barcellona. This would seem to all appearances a normal robbery of precious stones, however, Luca has to smuggle out proof of the Bank Owner’s very own criminal activity with the rest of the haul. In effect, Jack Fortuna, the Bank’s Owner is a Spanish fixer involved in arms and drugs trafficking. So, this is why Luca tracks down Michele, his trusty righthand man, as well as Ricky, the young son of his old accomplice, Simone. The robbery seems fraught with pitfalls, especially after Luca falls in love with Anna, the daughter of the Boss; Ricky falls in love with her step-daughter, Rebecca; whilst Michele has to seduce the Bank clerk Sara to get make a mould of certain special keys. Everything becomes even more complicated when the three of them have to try and get invited into the Boss’s villa to copy the Caveau’s security system. Anna discovers them right on the job and Luca discovers the woman’s real role as police informant. At the same time however, the Boss sees Luca with Anna which consequently means they have to ‘pretend’ they are lovers. Luca realises he is in a very dangerous situation, Fortuna now considers him more a rival and enemy. However, the Artista’s old habits die hard and help him out of a tricky situation, avoiding the worst. Alongside Anna and with the invaluable help of Michele and Ricky, Luca manages to carry out his plan, despite thousands of other unforeseen difficulties and pitfalls. Last but not least is Cristina Benvenuti’s barely concealed jealousy of Cristina Benvenuti, the enchanting Interpol agent who trapped him. However, the mirage of a boat sailing slowly across to the South Seas taking all his friends to far enchanted shores is always foremost in Luca’s mind.