• GenreDrama
    Year 2006
    ChannelRai 1


    Riccardo, is a man from Southern Italy, principled and affectionate, who is in Spain as Judge for an International Olive Oil Competition. Before leaving he decides to visit his daughter living in Barcelona. Sadly for him, she left her birthplace San Damiano in Puglia (S. Italy) where there are lots of olive farms. He goes to the address that her sister Lucia had slipped into his bag. His daughter is not there but there is a small girl called Itzi. When Aurora, his daughter, returns she is both surprised and put out to find her father asleep waiting for her. She briefly says that the girl is the daughter of her best friend, Rosario who runs a dance school, is divorced from her violent husband (currently in prison) and with whom she shares the Apartment. She decides to take her father out for dinner and books him into a hotel for that night so that he could leave quickly the next day. However, aided unwittingly by Rosario’s parents Ligia and Ignacio who spontaneously mention Aurora’s marriage, the poor tired Riccardo initially discovers his daughter is in fact married (with an absent sailor she claims) and right after that, finds himself catapulted into a long Barcelona by Night tour. The day after he misses his plane and so stays on for his daughters Photographic Exhibition Vernissage.

    He is very proud of Aurora’s success but this is immediately dampened when he unexpectedly finds her kissing Rosario in the little office. Upset, he insults both women and rushes back to Italy.

    One day suddenly Aurora, Rosario and Itzi return to her hometown. They are in danger: Rosario’s ex-husband has been released from prison and has threatened both his ex-wife and their daughter. They both need a safe haven for some time…