• GenreDocumentary
    Production Publispei, Rai Cinema




    This documentary is about cinema as seen through the eyes of the actor/writer/director who occupies a unique place in the history of Italian film. This is the essence of the documentary about Massimo Troisi called “Massimo. Il mio cinema secondo me” which premiered at the Festival di Roma in 2013. It was written by Antonella Coluccia, Pier Francesco Corona, Raffaele Veneruso and directed by Raffaele Verzillo, co-produced by Publispei and Rai Cinema. This project intended to reveal how Troisi conceived his work: his role, auteurial responsibility and both directing and producing.
 Through unseen footage and interviews this documentary unveils everything behind the films of this Neapolitan artist (there was also a biographical TV series planned which never took off because of controversy). It begins with an interview in 1993 which reveals a relaxed and confidential side to Troisi without the typical caution of later ‘public conversations’. This opens up a thoughtful and heartfelt story with insights woven together from those who shared his art, friendship and loves.
 The documentary transforms a monologue-interview into a type of ideal conversation by including his collaborators’ recollections and stories. Massimo’s own voice also alternates with that of Anna Pavignano for example, a one-time partner and co-writer of all his films as well as other friends and actors. This is a journey which reveals the complexity, preparation and self-awareness behind the lightness of the poetic sensibility of his legendary films.