• GenreDrama
    ChannelRai 1


    A country town. Between the ancient walls, during nocturnal outings along the seafront and during fascinating occasional explorations of nature the daily rituals and expectations of four young women develop. Their friendship is not based on overwhelming passions, shared interests or grand ideals but rather through habit, occasional enthusiasms and unoffensive disagreements and secretly nurtured feelings. However their friendship is like a once in a lifetime bond – and consolidated during their few days on the road together when they accompany one of their group to Belgrade, where a mysterious friend is waiting and an unlikely employment opportunity.

    “If someone had told us then and there, that those days would have been our very own and unrepeatable, and that we were right inside some promise of eternity, which later life would not have kept, we would not have believed it, we believed that our time was still lying ahead and that the best was yet to come…”. In the words of Caterina. Four girl friends, a once-in-a-lifetime bond and road trip that would change everything #‎Questigiorni a new film directed by Giuseppe Piccioni selected for the 73rd Venice Film Festival competition and released on 15 September 2016!