Genreinvestigative journalism podcast
    Year 2023




    The podcast investigates the frightening and rising phenomenon of the so-called “baby gangs” in Italy, in the attempt to tell their story through the voices of all the people involved and their families, the operators who work everyday to rescue young criminals, but also the law enforcement officers who deal specifically with juvenile crime. A collective portrait, with direct testimonies from Italian different regions to describe the scale of the phenomenon and its many faces.



    Production Publispei and Storielibere
    Author Roberta Lippi
     Podcast recording Veronica Buscarini
     Editor Valentina Grotta
     Editorial supervision Matteo B. Bianchi
     Editorial staff Edoardo Carboni & Lisa Personeni
     Postproduction audio and sound design Valeria Ardito
     Illustration Nathalie Coulombel