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    Umberto is intelligent and nice but he is afflicted by The Worst of All Problems at least for an adolescent like him. He is so un-popular that in the eyes of his schoolmates he seems practically invisible. Often literally! So much so that he can even find himself in the middle of any number of ongoing conversations without anyone seeming to notice his presence. But worst of all Umberto is invisible to Selvaggia, the queen of the school girls and his heart. A truly popular girl, so perfectly beautiful to be out of reach. Umberto’s efforts at getting noticed are all in vain, including walking in front of her waving his arms around and shouting goes totally unnoticed by her. This is why then Umberto decides to become the symbol of all those that share this distressing situation and records a video tutorial for the internet to shake himself out of that unpopular position with his various attempts (sometimes extreme, sometimes just very unlikely to succeed) to win a place under the spotlight of life. Maybe Umberto would only need a good opportunity to be able to talk openly and sincerely with the object of his affection. And then, just as he is resigning himself to a life in the shadows, he gets stuck in the lift… together with her. Is this when the real ‘love’ magic begins? Or not?

    This Web series was a spin-off of the TV series “é arrivata la felicità”. Umberto is in fact the son of Orlando, one of the main characters of the Rai1 – Italian State Television – series. Already known by TV audiences for his awkward and not very exuberant personality.

    WATCH THE SERIES HERE : http://goo.gl/A3MOge