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    Laura has a twin sister: Bea. And, since birth, Bea has been covered by this aura of unspeakable, inexplicable, relentless maliciousness. During their 16 years of life, Laura has always had to bend to the vexations and abuses without any possible counter-actions or even being able to defend herself in any way. So, either tired of this situation or just seeking some human understanding, she begins to record a videoblog on her own mobile phone about her daily dramas, also suggesting survival strategies for anyone in a similar situation to hers. It’s an amazing guide which can also be seen as an anthropological treatise on the bitch potential of humankind, including historical anecdotes and possible long-term future outcomes. From the practical suggestions she puts forward, that could in fact even seem banal at first glance (although any dealings with Bea could ever be considered banal or simple) up to more extreme activities like magic rituals, separate birthdays or invitations to relatives who are even worse than Bea. However, her twin might not be as bad as all that; maybe even Laura isn’t such a saint. Ultimately it might only about be about accepting the Other, but above all Oneself. Accepting who you are and becoming aware that love can overcome misunderstandings and all those small, big wrongdoings.
    “Come sopravvivere ad una sorella str***za” is a Web series, spin-off from the TV series “é arrivata la felicità”. Laura and Bea are in fact daughters of one of the series main characters, Angelica. Their differences are already the main source of friction between the daughters in the Rai1 (Italian state TV) series.

    WATCH THE SERIES HERE: http://goo.gl/VaXKaH