• GenreTeen drama
    ChannelRai 2


    This programme is about the adventures, loves, conflicts, friendships, and generational disputes of a group of students and their professors, alternating comedy and drama, fun and feelings. Their stories take place mostly in the secondary state school called Giacomo Leopardi, although it is also experimental as it welcomes middle school pupils and temporarily, classes from a nearby primary school which had been declared unstable and closed. The main characters are the Science Teacher Giovanni Salina, separated with a small daughter, Sara and brother Felice Salina and Deputy Headmaster, a History teacher who terrifies the students. A large cast of characters surround these main protagonists, however the main group – the vital heart, the most passionate and new to the series – are a group of 17/18 year olds who are in their fourth year: confident Valeria, complicated Michele, awkward Marco, vacuous Martina, conscientious Pietro and sensitive Arianna, among many others. They really drive along the actions and conflicts, the fallings in and out of love, the dreams and desires, those impossible ventures, and small and big frustrations, mirrored by their big and small victories. They are the ones who talk and think about love, tenderness, responsibility. They are the ones who put forward questions, problems, curiosities and dilemmas. And they are the ones that question themselves and question everything, asking teachers and parents about what future could await them. Pointing a spotlight on the school universe means also showing how they pass through from infancy to adolescence, comparing the different and sometimes parallel worlds of those who teach, and those who learn. Often this implies turning questions upside down and roles, given that sometimes its the students who teach the teachers, as well as adults in general whenever these adults have the patience and courage to stop and listen.