• Year2015
    Episodes 24
    ChannelRAI UNO


    È arrivata la felicità is a series on Rai Uno (main Italian state TV) about love and family in all its shapes and forms told from an hilarious and contemporary angle. Written by Ivan Cotroneo, Monica Rametta and Stefano Bises and co-directed by Riccardo Milani and Francesco Vicario this series features two very different characters: Angelica (played by Claudia Pandolfi) and Orlando (Claudio Santamaria). They both live in Rome but come from totally different backgrounds: Orlando is an architect, son of sophisticated, left-wing intellectuals, who do volunteer work; Angelica manages a bookshop in the Testaccio neighbourhood, where her parents – slightly close-minded – also manage a legendary neighbourhood bar. When the two meet Angelica, widowed for a few years with two adolescent twin daughters Laura and Bea, is about to marry a sort of Prince Charming, Vittorio. Orlando however, is a very confused full-time father since his wife ran off with her German lover, leaving him to juggle house, job and his two sons: fifteen year old Umberto and Pigi, a mini-philosopher still in primary school.

    What will their meeting spark off?

    This meeting will spark off a cycle of love, illusions, surprises and dynamics fated to also involve Orlando’s brother, Pietro (Alessandro Roja) and the dynamic secretary working in the Architect’s practice – once an expert beautician – Nunzia Esposito (Simona Tabasco); the sweet and complicated Valeria (Giulia Bevilacqua) and Rita (Federica De Cola) – Angelica’s sister and partner, also wrestling with the pregnancy and future life of their first born; Orlando’s parents (Edwige Fenech and Massimo Wertmuller), too busy saving the poor, various outcasts and the Amazon Jungle to be of any real support to their sons; Angelica’s parents (Lunetta Savino and Ninetto Davoli) who have not yet come to terms with their daughter’s, Valeria, sexual identity; and lastly the children themselves, struggling with their growing pains and discovering their own parents’ weaknesses.

    Will Angelica and Orlando ever be happy? This story shows the emotions and excitement of relationships between these characters È arrivata la felicità consequently reflects contemporary society in a modern, ironic and dynamic way without however giving up the universal and fairytale quality.

    The first season was aired from September to December 2015, in 12 primetime evening episodes and was successful with both viewers and critics.