GenreYoung Adult
    Year 2023
    Channel RaiPlay




    Freely inspired by the novel of the same name by Enrico Galiano.

    Gioia (Gaja Masciale) is 16 years old: full adolescence, a terrible period for everyone. But she is also affected by all the changes that her mother, Sabrina (Giorgia Wurth), young and beautiful, forces her to face. Starting with another move to a new city, Gorizia, and living with a rather extravagant grandmother, Claudia (Paola Sambo), with whom she hasn’t had a relationship for years. And, if that wasn’t enough, Gioia also has to deal with entering a new school that, for someone like her, solitary, without friends and without social networks, is not exactly simple.

    Luckily, her passion for photography helps her, by photographing the world “from behind”, to seek a point of view that makes it appear better.
    At school, Gioia meets Sara (Margherita Morchio); with the beautiful and “bitch” Ludovica, who immediately targets her; with the “cool” high school student Andrea (Enea Barozzi), a cheeky DJ with great social resonance. And among the professors there is Bove (Matteo Branciamore), the only one who can understand her: reckless, rebellious, messed up.
    But, despite Andrea’s interest, Gioia only has eyes for Lo (Costantino Seghi), a mysterious boy who waits for her at night in places where no one can see them. He lives on the street, together with an elderly homeless man; he did something terrible in the past and he might do it again. Gioia doesn’t know that the truth will overwhelm her like a raging river.


    Artistic Cast



    Gaja Masciale Gioia
    Giorgia Wurth Sabrina
     Matteo Branciamore Prof. Bove
     Paola Sambo Claudia
     Costantino Seghi Lo
     Enea Barozzi Andrea
     Margherita Morchio Sara

    Technical Cast

    Direction Matteo Oleotto
    Subject of series Valerio D’Annunzio, Emanuela Canonico, Vanessa Picciarelli
    Screenplays and adaptations Valerio D’Annunzio, Vanessa Picciarelli
    Directors of photography Davide Sondelli
    Scenography Roberto Conforti
    Costumes Patrizia Mazzon
    Editing Maria Fantastica
    Music Andrea Guerra
    Music consultant  Bixio C.E.M.S.A
    Casting Stefano Rabbolini (Galaxia)
    Casting Friuli Venezia Giulia Antonella Perrucci
    Director’s assistant Mariachiara Squassino
    Live Sound Gianpaolo Catanzaro, Silvestro Suppa
    General organizer Mauro Proietti
    Rai producers Leonardo Ferrara, Emanuele Cotumaccio, Alessandro Corsetti, Laura Massacra
    Produced by Verdiana Bixio