Year 2019
    Channel FOX e Foxlife



    Dafne is 29 years old, she comes from Puglia and she writes for the most prestigious magazine in Milan – Audrey – dealing with the least popular section, the one about books. There is something that makes her feel different from everyone else: Dafne Amoroso, in her late 20s, is still a virgin.


    Daughter of Irene, an intrusive mother of sexual morals extremely libertine – Dafne lives in a flat shared with her flatmate Ginevra, who is constantly searching for the perfect wealthy man to fall in love with.


    Dafne, instead, is a shy girl keen on comics, books and videogames: a nerd who barely survives in Audrey’s editorial office, blending in as best as she can amongst the ultra modern screens of the open space office – where everyone, but just everyone, is cooler than her.

    Starting with Samira, fashion specialist and the magazine’s flagship signature. Charming, rich, exotic beauty. She bewitches both men and women with whom she goes to bed in a random manner. Reaping likes and accumulating followers, Samira never misses the occasion to burden Daphne with a few scathing jokes.

    They are part of the editorial office also Violante – food blogger in a loveless marriage, and Claudio, the magazine’s director, obsessed by being up with the times ( reason for why he employed three youth trends specialists, the teenagers Karma, Paolo Wong and Robertino)


    Everything changed when Claudio announces cuts to the least followed headlines and, at the same time, Irene stops to provide financial support to her daughter.

    Dafne is desperate and she goes shopping for a fancy dress to attend the office costume party, where she hopes to convince the boss not to fire her.

    In the shop she meets Lorenzo, a handsome man with whom she has an argument over a Spider-Man costume, and she meets him again at the party.

    And it’s right at the exclusive party, through a series of unfortunate events, she will find herself swapping costumes with a mysterious woman who’ll give her the costume of Marge Simpson.


    The day after, a mysterious “Hot Marge”( whose identity is unknown) starred in an amateur porn video, becoming viral on internet.

    At first Dafne is shocked and when Claudio calls her to his office she is absolutely convinced she’s getting fired.

    However, a surprise is just around the corner: Claudio compliments her for the boom of views obtained and offers her the role of sex columnist for the magazine.


    Everyone thinks the disinhibited Hot Marge on the video it’s her.


    Dafne feels like she has no choice but to accept that job offer: she herself, still a virgin, is gonna write about sex.


    The leading character will finally face her little problem, as her mother calls it, the virginity, venturing into the unknown world of sex, a journey in which perhaps, she will also find love.

    Artistic Cast



    crediti non contrattuali


    Lodovica Comello Dafne
    Melissa Bartolini Ginevra
    Pilar Fogliati Samira
    Stella Pecollo Violante
    Stefano Rossi Giordani Lorenzo
    Massimo Poggio Claudio
    Giulio Corso Andrea
    Irene Ferri Giorgia
    Valentina Banci Irene
    Ahmed Hafiene Amir
    Antonio Fiore Rami
    Matteo Rocchi Tomaso
    Sara Zaffignani Karma
    Emanuele Ferrari Roberto
    Edoardo Hu Paolo Wong
    Mario Acampa Edo
    Cristian Stelluti Damiano
    Linda Messerklinger Elena
    e con Massimo Ranieri Psicanalista

    Technical Cast


    crediti non contrattuali

    Direction  Roberta Torre
    Subject of series Alba Calicchio e Daniele Malavolta
    Screenplays and adaptations Chiara Laudani e Daniela Delle Foglie,
    Bosi e Brugiati,
    Marta Storti, Giancarlo Germino, Camilla Tarducci, Maria Antonietta Carroni.
    Directors of photography  Stefano Salemme
    Producer Publispei
    External production manager
    Theater production manager
    Location manager Sergio DEVIDOVICH (MI)
    Daniele MANCA (TO)
    Scenography  Paolo SANSONI
    Assistant director I Unit
    Assistant director II Unit
    Scene photographer
    Music consultant
    Casting Luana  VELLISCIG
    General organizer
    Editorial manager
    Executive producer
    Produced by Verdiana Bixio