• GenreComedy
    Year from 2006 to 2014
    ChannelCanale 5


    I Cesaroni is the TV series which changed the idea of family entertainment in Italy. It was broadcast on Canale 5 (Italy’s main commercial TV channel) from 2006 to 2014 and told the story of the most popular TV family in Rome.


    Giulio is a widower, busy bringing up three sons to his best capabilities: Marco, Rudi and Mimmo. They live in a working class area of Rome called Garbatella where he manages a local wine shop with his two brothers. Lucia comes from a more middle class background in Milan, is divorced and trying to rebuild her life with her two daughters Eva and Alice. The two of them meet by chance and recognise each other immediately; they had gone out together as adolescents many years earlier. As the saying goes: ‘Your First Love Never Dies’ – so Giulio and Lucia get back together. Their meeting however does not only affect the lives of a man and woman, but also those of their respective families who couldn’t be more different. Two families which end up living under the same roof despite not having had any time to get acquainted with each other.
 I Cesaroni tells a great love story which generates a ‘blended family’ in which the man’s world where Giulio grew up with his sons inevitably encounters a woman’s world through Lucia and her daughters. It also considers two totally opposite lifestyles which seem incompatible: the down to earth and popular male world compared to the refined and cultured world of the female characters. And it also considers life in a contemporary way, through the selection of characters that frequent Giulio’s bar in the heart of Garbatella and the extraordinary vivacity and difficulty of human relations. The Cesaroni blend of family is multi-generational and spans all sorts of possible relations: brotherly love and parental love, the love between couples, the distances, misunderstandings and the challenge of facing everyday life all together. It ran for six seasons and featured an excellent cast from Claudio Amendola to Elena Sofia Ricci and included Antonello Fassari, Max Tortora, Matteo Branciamore and Alessandra Mastronardi, I Cesaroni told stories about families with irony and realism, unions and separations, to result in one of the most loved, successful TV series in Italy.