Year 2024
    Channel RaiPlay



    Canfanaro, Istria. Eighteen-year-old Maddalena Braico (Gracjela Kicaj) dreams of becoming a painter. However, World War II disrupts her plans and those of her family. Yugoslav partisans arrive in the village, forcing Maddalena’s family to flee. During their escape, they become involved in a firefight, and Maddalena’s brother, Niccolò (Costantino Seghi), is shot.

    The devastated Braico family finds refuge in Cividale del Friuli with Uncle Giorgio (Fausto Maria Sciarappa) and attempts to a new start. Antonio (Andrea Pennacchi), Maddalena’s father and a doctor, takes up a job as a laborer to feed his family. Maddalena, targeted at school due to her Istrian origins, faces bullying, but Leo (Eugenio Franceschini), passing through, manages to chase them away. Leo, a charming guy who shares Maddalena’s love for art and painting, becomes her immediate friend.

    While Leo encourages Maddalena to pursue her dream of becoming an artist, Antonio insists that she focus on school and a more stable future. However, the bond between Leo and Maddalena grows so strong that their friendship turns into love. This love is jeopardized by events as Antonio secures a job as a local doctor and the family must move again. Desperate, Maddalena runs to Leo, only to find that he has disappeared. Disheartened, she abandons her paintings and leaves with her family. The Braico family faces further hardships and painful losses.

    As time passes and Maddalena’s dreams seem like a distant memory, Leo returns just as Italy celebrates the end of the conflict. He never forgot her. The two decide to move to Padua, where they can finally live off their art. Maddalena’s departure, however, breaks Antonio’s heart, as he continues to reject his daughter’s calling. Yet, it is by pursuing her vocation that Maddalena will discover the truth about her brother, Niccolò. The stories of Istrian and Dalmatian exiles, those forgotten, become the theme that Maddalena dedicates her art to, bringing her entire family together in remembrance and hope for a better tomorrow.

    Cast Artistico



    Andrea Pennacchi Antonio Braico
    Gracjela Kicaj Maddalena Braico
     Eugenio Franceschini Leo
     Clotilde Sabatino Bina Braico
     Fausto Maria Sciarappa Giorgio Braico
     Costantino Seghi Niccolò Braico
     Elisabetta De Palo Nonna Mimma
     Settimo Palazzo Miran
     Federico Scridel Gigi Ferri
     Diego Carli Romano
     Maurizio Zacchigna Renzo Giacca
     Lorenzo Acquaviva Don Ugo
     Ettore Belmondo Sergio Visentin
     Antonio Buonanno Maresciallo Capuozzo
     Klarissa Vadenja Ada
     Gabriel Zama Elmo
     Fabio Di Lenardo Saulo Braico (9 anni)
     Alessandro Kley Saulo Braico (11 anni)
     Valentina Fiammetta Milan Italia
     Roberta Colacino Professoressa Russolo
     Fiamma Visintin Lucia
     Claudio Mezzelani Zapelli
     Paolo Fagiolo Capostazione
     Diego Facciotti Uomo campo esuli
     Alen Kermac Capo partigiano titino
     Antonio Veneziano Carabiniere
     Sandro Pivotti Tenente carabinieri

    Cast tecnico

    Direction Tiziana Aristarco
    Subject of TV Movie scritto da Maximiliano Hernando Bruno
    Screenplays scritta da Maximiliano Hernando Bruno, Angelo Petrella
    Head of Drama Publispei Francesca Primavera
    Director of Photography Andrea Doria
    Scenography Leonardo Conte
    Costumes Enrica Barbano
    Editing Luciana Pandolfelli
    Original Music Mattia Donna & La Femme Piège
    Music Consultant Raicom e Bixio C.E.M.S.A
    Casting Director Stefano Rabbolini
    Associate Casting Antonella Perrucci – Galaxia
    Executive Producer Marina de Tiberiis
    Rai Producer Giusi Buondonno
    Produced by Verdiana Bixio per Publispei
    Produced by Alessandro Centenaro e Maximiliano Hernando Bruno per Venicefilm