• GenreFanta Noir
    ChannelPoste mobile


    Ivan and Luca are two DJs traveling to London who have been left off their flight due to a magnetic storm. Ivan seems detached and indifferent to everything happening around him, whereas Luca is always looking to have fun. Both of them are put up in a hotel near the airport by their airline. The hotel seems sinister and mysterious, as well as deserted. In truth there is a room, not far from their’s, with two mysterious young ladies Sara and Vanessa. Sara is afraid and worried, Vanessa is determined and unscrupulous. Both of them seem on a mission, but the unexpected arrival of Ivan and Luca could disrupt their plans. In fact Sara meeting Ivan does produce a kind unforeseeable ‘short-circuit’ that will change the destiny of all four characters.

    Lib is a mini-Web Series of 12 x 3 min. episodes produced by Publispei for PosteMobile (Italian mobile virtual network). The title stands for “Leave Impossibilities Behind”. This series does experiment with new narrative forms and packs the 3-minute slot with a fast-moving, noir-fantasy, impossible one night love story, in an isolated hotel on the edge of the universe, seemingly suspended in both time and space.