• GenreComedy
    ChannelCanale 5




    These are the adventures of an imaginative swindler and an honest policeman woven together with the day to day problems of this odd couple to result in: “Nemici amici” a bubbling comedy based on a series of gags, misunderstandings, spying, plotting, and pursuits, with some romantic touches. Osvaldo Innocenti is father of the family with an apparently respectable job that enables him to disguise his real activity: being a swindler. Osvaldo has personalised his very own ethical system which has made him original and elusive. Lucio Buonadonna is an undervalued police officer looking for that big break and subsequent career boost. Two lives which, unknowingly have crossed paths once already ten years earlier with drastic career consequences for Lucio and which now are destined to clash again, because Viola and Alessio, their respective children, not only do they know each other, but love each other and are intent on getting married. This is how this rocambolesque adventure begins in which our ‘cops and robbers’ will not only have to duck and weave to avoid each other’s blows, but also manage the intrusion of the Swindler Grandad purported dead, but above all avoid that their respective family members, galvanized by the wedding preparations discover their wheeling and dealing.



    What would happen if an ex-swindler looks for honest employment and a dedicated ex-policeman ended up working side by side in an investigative agency? This is how Lucio and Osvaldo end up, our friendly enemies, are forced by circumstances to follow a case together. The case looks initially quick and easy to solve but then develops into something more complicated, and increasingly like international intrigue involving secret services and the Ustica shot-down plane 1980s mystery. This is obviously all a set-up. This is just all the imaginative work of the ex-swindler to damage the reputation of the ex-policeman, whilst avoiding losing the only honest job he’s managed to get in years and consequently, the possibility of getting back with his ex-wife. However this set-up is unravelled. Lucio discovers that Osvaldo had played him, resulting in him losing his first, in fact one and only client, with whom meanwhile… he had fallen in love. However, just as all seems lost, both of them discover that the woman was in fact in real danger! A different intrigue, however small, was truly in the air… Our two heroes will eventually manage to avoid disaster – with Osvaldo’s imagination and Lucio’s determination they might just pull off a counter-sting in the finale.