• GenreDrama
    ChannelRai 1


    Enzo is the Caretaker of a reputable building in an historical, wealthy neighbourhood of Turin. For many years, in fact since his young wife left him with their only daughter to run away with Cesare Palmieri, the rich 3rd Floor dentist, his life has effectively carried on monotonously and in a melancholy way with days passing by, only punctuated by his work commitments. The very same things to do every day, the very same words exchanged with the same boring people. The only person who stands out is Conchita, a transexual who Enzo bumps into early every morning just as he is about to start his work day and she is about to finish hers. Enzo’s only passion, nearly an obsession, is for watches. He possesses all sorts of watches and spends most of his spare time repairing them. One evening, after closing the main entrance door he hears a strange cat-like moaning. He thinks it might be a cat giving birth somewhere in the courtyard, but behind the lift shaft he comes across something totally unexpected. A new-born, just a couple of days old, in a basket. An event like this is enough to upset anyone’s life, but in fact Enzo seems overwhelmed by some kind of psychological earthquake. His first impulse is to take the baby to the police, but he recalls his own orphanage upbringing and he is immediately drawn to this baby, whom he nicknames “Micio” (‘kitten’). He decides to keep the baby, with the unexpected yet precious help of Conchita, also encouraged by the suspicion that this baby was in fact his grandchild, the son of his estranged daughter Assuntina. Despite it being a wild idea it seemed supported by some small tell-tale signs. This situation actually helps bring him closer to his ex-wife and daughter until seemingly banal disagreements and misunderstandings with both Enzo and Doctor Palmieri lead the women to run away, leaving no trace of their whereabouts. The disappearance of both Pina and Assuntina throws both Enzo and Dr. Palmieri into the deepest despair which however brings the two men closer, despite having hated each other all their lives; this new situation spurs them on together towards a common goal: finding the two women. This is how the journey begins for this odd couple, complicated, yet possibly ‘softened’ by the presence of baby Micio that Enzo has insisted on bringing along. All the adventures on the trip from Turin to Val D’Aosta, to France and Spain provide a continual see-saw of dramatic and comic situations that will highlight the profound differences between the refined Dentist and the humble caretaker, but mostly the kindness of the two characters. After the initial phase when they argue at any given opportunity, and reproaching each other for past wrong-doings, slowly but surely the presence of the baby brings out a light-hearted competitiveness concerning who is more Grandad than the other – vying for Micio’s affection. Eventually a genuine friendship will blossom until the surprising conclusion of this story.