Year 2020
    Channel Rai




    The unexpected death of his only son Ettore (Luigi Fedele) forces Valerio (Alessandro Gassmann) an ex –policeman racked with grief, to return to Rome to confront the ghosts of his past, which he thought he had left behind him, along with his old mistakes and regrets.


    Ettore’s case is rapidly closed as suicide, but Valerio is not persuaded.


    It’s just on the point of accepting his pain, hiding himself in an lonely silence, when Sara (Maya Sansa), his ex-colleague and past lover, tells him she doesn’t believe in Ettore’s suicide. It just doesn’t add up.


    Why the names of those on duty that night don’t show up in the report?


    How come the timings, the series of events, don’t match?


    Why do the witnesses seem so scared of reporting what they have seen?


    So Valerio decides to come back to Rome to find out the truth about Ettore’death. He stays with his brother Gianni (Andrea Sartoretti), who is also a policeman and lives with his wife Lisa (Giada Prandi) in the suburbs.


    Sara helps him in the investigation and she becomes an important part of Valerio’s life, someone he can trust and rely on.


    Martina (Zoe Tavarelli), the Ettore’s girlfriend, is truly convinced that it wasn’t a suicide and she helps him to discover who his son really was: a guy who truly loved life and still had many things he wanted to do.


    On his journey to find the truth, Valerio will feel closer and closer to Ettore, and will come to understand how deeply connected they were, despite the distance and the silence between them.


    His son, just like him, met life head on, couldn’t tolerate injustice and always help anyone who needed it. But it was exactly this that thrown Ettore into the hands of those with no scruples.

    Artistic Cast



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    Alessandro Gassmann Valerio
    Maya Sansa Ginevra
     Andrea Sartoretti  Gianni

    Technical Cast


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    Gianluca Maria Tavarelli
    Subject of series Leonardo Fasoli
    Maddalena Ravagli
    Monica Rametta
    Screenplays and adaptations

    Leonardo Fasoli
    Maddalena Ravagli
    Monica Rametta

    Directors of photography Marco Pieroni
    Scenography Daniele Frabetti
    Costumes Marina Roberti
    Casting Annamaria Sambucco
    Massimo Apolloni
    Editing Alessandro Heffler
    Music  Ralf Hildenbeutel
    Music consultant  Bixio C.E.M.S.Aa  e RaiCom
    General organizer  Elia Mazzoni
    Story Editor Publispei  Giancarlo Germino
    Rai producers Paola Leonardi
    Monica Paolini
    Produced by Verdiana Bixio