• Genre Comedy
    Year from 2008 to 2012
    Channel Rai 1


    Tutti pazzi per amore is an original series produced by Rai1 (National Italian state TV) from 2008 to 2012. It was innovative in language and tone for a sit-com series aimed at a wider audience, Tutti pazzi per amore had stand out characters and stylistic solutions to tell the tormented love story between Paolo and Laura, in both an amusing and sometimes surreal manner.

    He is a widower with a sixteen year old daughter Cristina. They move to an apartment next to Her, a separated woman with two children, Emanuele, sixteen and Nina, seven years old.
 Laura and Paolo, are neighbours who have never met but actually detest each other… politely.
 They meet by chance somewhere else and it’s love at first sight. Not realising that the other is that detestable neighbour, they go all out to get to know each other and organise a first date. But following their incredibly romantic first kiss good night on (their) door step they realise the terrible truth. Paolo is that rude, backward neighbour who plays loud music day and night; Laura is the next door know-all who sent him a copy of the Building Rules to underline her request that he remove his satellite dish off the shared terrace! As their story develops encountering many difficulties, the couple are joined by a varied and colourful supporting cast: friends, relatives, old ‘single’ aunties, parents, brothers, sisters, in addition to their own children. Tutti pazzi per amore is a love story in the middle of thousands of other love stories, part of that continual coming and going of hearts in the today’s cities that dream, sing and dance following the rhythm of affections.