• GenreComedy
    Year from 1998 to 2016
    Channel Rai 1


    Un medico in famiglia is a series by Publispei productions broadcast on Rai Uno – Italian State National Television channel, which has been entertaining viewers since 1998. Having reached its 10th season it is celebrated as one of the most long-lasting and popular series on Italian television. It revolves around the adventures of the Martini family in their well known home in Poggio Fiorito on the outskirts of Rome, Italy. Lele Martini, a widower, is a Doctor for the National Health local medical centre who decides to move to the house he had bought together with his wife, before she died. He moves there with his children Maria, Ciccio and Annuccia and his father, Grandad Libero, retired railway worker and ‘head’ of the Martini family. From then on various characters start becoming involved with the Martini Family: the widest selection of people including friends, colleagues and relatives close and far. In this way the Martini family evolves through various love stories, suffering, accidents, get-togethers and separations, births and new hopes. This series has become a classic of Italian television broadcasting and has involved many nationally renowned actors. Not only Lino Banfi, but other well-known names like Giulio Scarpati, Milena Vukotic, Lunetta Savino, Claudia Pandolfi, Margot Sikabonyi, Michael Cadeddu, Eleonora Cadeddu, Enrico Brignano, Pietro Sermonti, Ugo Dighero among many others. This series has managed to reformulate the language of long-standing TV series, with 286 episodes broadcast over 20 years. Un medico in famiglia has garnered a wide-ranging audience with its uncompromising and sincere reflections of reality and the contemporary world, with all its problems, let-downs and happiness: “One word is too much and two are not enough” is the motto repetead as often as possible by Grandad Libero, one of the best-loved characters of the series.